Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Please contact Cindy with your available dates or if you are interested in any of the positions below.

These are only a snapshot of the jobs on the go so do keep us posted of your free dates PLEASE!


Dinner Party Cook: 11 guests 1 night only

Cook for Cornwall: Family food for coastal party

Seasonal Cook or Couple: Fabulous lodge, fully staffed, great expectations of the chef. Maximum 12

Seafaring Cook: 10ish guests & 4 crew cruise

Experienced Cook: up to 10 guests

Experienced Cook and Assistant/Housekeeper: 2 friends in stunning location

Energetic Cook(!): 9 adults & 6 children

Chef/Housekeeper: couple for sporting season. Average 6 guests, max 14. Excellent accommodation

Family Cook: up to 10 guests including children

Live-in or out Cook: Capable cook for 6-8 guests

Grouse Shoot Cook: 5 day week with a couple of shoot days, up to 18 guests on shoot days

Island Cook: 6 adults & 6 children who will all eat together. Light, interesting dishes (lots of seafood too)

Family cook or experienced cook: 12 guests, great location – any experience considered

Experienced Cook: max 12 guests, average 7. Fishing/golfing/walked up grouse

Fishing Lodge Cook: up to 8 guests

Excellent Cook: don’t be offended if we say ‘no’ to you!

Good Family Cook: very busy 6-8 adults and 4-11 children!

Good Family Cook: to keep the kitchen running while a bigger event is planned. Up to 10 guests including 3 children.

2 Chalet Style Cooks: 9 adults, 7 children & 2 nannies. They shop but lots of meals!

Family Cook: 6 adults and 7 children

Experienced Cook & Assistant: 20-25 guests fluctuating.

Cook & Assistant: accommodation twin room, up to 16 guests

Live Out Cook: maximum 10 guests plus 3 small children, fishing and stalking party

Cook: experienced in dietary requirements, maximum 12 guests

Experienced Lodge Cook: 10-12 guests, rural Perthshire

Good Family Cook: maximum 10 guests, fishing party

Good Family Cook: 6 stalkers

Chalet Style Cook: maximum 12 guests, all boy stalking party

Able Pair: 2 cooks (1 cook is not suitable) for max 12 guests, Ottolenghi for lunch, canapes & 2 for dinner